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Meals on your selfdriving trip

The Mongolian diet is based on meat, noodles, rise and basic vegetables.

Stores in Ulaanbaatar offer the possibilities to shop for a diverse selection of western products.

While in Ulaanbaatar, you can eat out in number of restaurants serving Indian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, English, French, German, Russian, Latin American and of course Mongolian cuisines.

While in the countryside you have 3 options to cater yourself: self catering, a cook joining your trip or eating in local facilities.

Self catering while on a selfdriving tour is the cheapest option. You'll buy the base of your meals in Ulaanbaatar. In local markets you can refill basic food products such as meat, potatoes, bread and noodles. We can supply all kitchen equipment.

For those interested in discovering remote regions of Mongolia but not interested in cooking themselves, hiring a cook and having food included in the toue is the right choice. Our cooks will prepare 3 Mongolian/Western meals a day. For larger groups the cook will be assisted by a helping cook. Arrangements can be made for vegetarians and those with special dietary needs with advance notice.

If you drive the major roads, you can sleep and eat in the ger camps. Ger camp provides meals as western cuisine. There are not so many choices of meals in tourist Ger camps’ restaurants due to their remote location. Mostly they only offer one menu set a day. Beer and other alcoholic beverages are available.

The local restaurants in the countryside and Mongolian nomadic families will offer an authentic taste of Mongolian food. You'll be served the vegetable soup (meaning there are vegetables in your meat soup), the booz, chooshoor and banshtee tsai.




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